Second generation Yujiro Hinoura

He devoted himself wholly to his work without sparing time even for sleep

Yujiro Hinoura, born in 1922 was the 2nd president of the family business. He was the third son in a family of 6 sons and 3 daughters. He was draed as a combat medic during WWⅡ but the war ended before he was dispatched.He started to train as a blacksmith under his father, the rst president of the company, Mr. Shintaro.Later he married and had a daughter and a son who would become the company’ s third president Mr. Tsukasa.His salary was just enough to support his family of four so he requested a raise from his father, though his father turned him down and he was oered rice instead. Because of this he made a decision to build his own business. Although he was very nearly cut o by his parents, he founded his own company by buying a spring hammer grinder with the support of his sister and was introduced to wholesalers by his brother. Fortunately because of the high economic growth in Japan at that time, he was able to start with only a few facilities and customers and still managed to sell his products easily. He worked so hard, from sunrise to midnight, that people called him “the Crazy Blacksmith”. He fullled his duty until the age of 85 and passed away at 99.

Third generation Tsukasa Hinoura

An immeasurable time spent on steel research.

Tsukasa Hinoura, born in 1956, was the 3rd president of the family business.He moved to Osaka to work in an oce, but aer four years he moved back to his hometown at his father’ s request and started to work as a blacksmith. He researched forging technology and techniques, such as heat treatments and metallurgy. He was the rst to admit that his high-quality ‘ Uchihamono’ (Knife) was the product of his countless failures. His products have been shown in exhibitions overseas and received much recognition. In the new era of Japan, there has been a higher demand for small batch high quality products than in
the past. He has pursued traditional techniques to have a true product of passion, handmade with warmth and integrity. He kept challenging himself to produce not only for Mikataya Inc. for 4 generations but also focusing on his new brand ‘Echigotsukasa’ thus holding them in an established position.

Fourth generation Mutsumi Hinoura

We design, develop and manufacture blades to meet today’s needs.

Mutsumi Hinoura got his rst job at a cutlery factory aer graduating from junior technical college. His father Mr.Tsukasa got sick so he decided to work at his family’ s blacksmith business. He managed the business with Mr.Yujiro at rst, then fortunately Mr.Tsukasa was able to come back to work and they ran the business together. Now Mr. Mutsumi has taken complete charge of Miyataya Inc. Under his management, they manufactured a rare type of free-forged Machete that is no longer able to be produced due to the decreasing number of blacksmith shops. He continues to produce hand-forged traditional style Japanese blades with a focus on producing long-lasting, easily sharpened, chip resistant, useful blades. He also produces new styles of knives and collaborates with popular anime designers. He also works on sharing Japanese traditional technology overseas. He is now working on making his factory more enticing to customers, prioritizing human resource development internally and acquiring knowledge and techniques to advance the Tsukasa brand.