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Not for production in more quantity,but for more reliable
production. . .
AJIKATAYA SINCE 1905Ajikataya – We makes knives by the lamination process of a combination of hard hi-carbon steel forge welded onto a piece of Jigane iron. With this Japanese traditional technique,we take care of all process in our factory.Two kinds of metals are hand forged to be sharpened easier,be tougher,and hold the edge longer,which we trust is good for users.
By FREE FORGING, we make irregular formed hatchets,Japanese outdoor knives,kitchen knives,and custom made knives.

Echigo Blacksmith's way of thinking about making cutlery

I succeeded to Ajikataya brand in Echigo,which lasts more than hundred years,
but I challenged to work on better knives and made myown brand ‘Echigo Tsukasa’for hand made custom knives.I use better steels for ‘Tsukasa’brand than Ajikataya brand with ourbasic technique from the lamination of steel to the sharpening by hands.I’m trying for making the best knives for sers:hardlynicked,easier sharpening, longer edge holding,and handy.Hope you could feel the craftsmanship in my products.