I appeared on the Daisuki! Niigata! channel.


I appeared on the Daisuki! Niigata! channel.
[Takumi of Niigata] “You can’t make a living from traditional crafts” The problem faced by Hinoura Cutlery Studio in Sanjo, which is admired by knife enthusiasts around the world… A JOY challenge to traditional knife blacksmithing [Kata Chubu]

“Kata Chubu” will be moving on Saturday morning! MC will be JOY, a star born in Gunma who is also known for “JOY’s Niigata Strolling Trip”, and will come to your town to fill the gaps in the hearts of Niigata residents.In May, JOY and announcer Moena Sugiyama will be strolling around Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture. ! This week we went to Hinoura Knife Studio, which makes traditional “Echigo Sanjo Uchihamono”.
Hinoura Knives Studio, which has enthusiastic fans all over the world for its artistic knives and highly functional knives, is said to be facing a certain problem. JOY learns from an Australian craftsman and takes on the challenge of traditional blacksmithing.

Moena Sugiyama (NST announcer)